#4 Bombing and Gunnery School
Elgin County, Ontario Canada

In the year of 1943 there was a bombing and gunnery air school in a town called Fingal in Elgin County, Ontario, Canada. The former #4 Bombing and Gunnery School of 1940-1945 consisted of 720 acres of land.

It was one of 11 schools that stretched across Canada during the second world war to provide bombing and gunnery instruction to air crews from around the world. Members came from Britian, Australia, New Zealand, France, the United States and Canada. There were over 6,000 non-pilot aircrew that graduated from Nov 25, 1940 to Feb 17, 1945

On the site there was a double land plane hanger floor, as well as 6 steel framed double hangers each measuring 224' X 160'. All of these were built in 1940 and then torn down in 1969.

The buildings, the school, the hangers and the airstrip have since been torn down. In 1965 the asphalt runways were torn up and buried to turn it into this place called Fingal Wildlife Management Area. Below is an aerial picture of what the airfield used to look like.

Mike told us about the former #4 Bombing and Gunnery School in Elgin County. It sits about 10 minutes out of St Thomas. Legend has it that the area is haunted. Mike told us a story of how his friend had been hunting there in early March and something had chased him out of the park. Something that appeared to have glowing red eyes.

After arriving there I was relieved to know there were washrooms on the site. It was nearly dark by this time and I thought we could get something on film at this spot called the outhouse. I opened the door really quick, ready with my camera, and took a picture inside the outhouse. The only thing that got caught on film was the ghostly image of the toilet paper roll with a flapping tail on the wall.

To see the full size image, click on the picture above.

After we left the spooky outhouse we continued our journey towards the old air strip to our left. Not too far along we came across this old fire hydrant that used to be used for the flying field. We were amazed at the feeling we all got near this hydrant and the picture shows why we all felt so cold. I jokingly said to the group I was glad I didn't bring our ghost dog Lady with us for she may have made use of the hydrant.

To see the full size image, click on the picture above.

We came to the corner of one air strip and we were trying to figure out where the hangers might have been. I stepped into the field and felt a very definite cold spot so I took this picture facing east and got some orbs in the area. The area we came to was nothing but a big field with a road that went for 3 KM in a triangle.

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I turned and faced south and snapped off another picture and got only a few orbs in this shot.

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We approached the middle of this field and took a shot towards the north side of the lot. You can see once again we had an audience in attendance.

To see the full size image, click on the picture above.

Just moments after the other 3 pictures were taken I took a picture of the road we were on and got no orbs, but I did get an ecto mist that was very near. I took this picture because we all felt a very cold spot along with a feeling of something near us and we kept seeing shadows moving around us.

To see the full size image, click on the picture above.

After walking for a ways we came to the next corner of the field and we suddenly felt a cold spot around us. In fact this cold spot had to be at least 15 degrees lower than the night air. Matthew was looking down the road behind us when this photo was taken. Again we had a lot of activity around us.

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