Battlefield Park
Stoney Creek Ontario
The War of 1812

Today the park known as Battlefield Park at 20 HWY and King Street East has a history that everyone can be proud of. Newcomers to the area see the Stoney Creek Castle sitting on a hill up from Battlefield house, and some may wonder why a castle sits on the hill at Battlefield Park.

"The Stoney Creek monument is by far the most impressive of the contemporary monuments erected to commemorate a battle of the War of 1812 and is arguably the most successful monument to address the broader loyalist theme as understood at the end of the century".
Battle Field House Museum

The monument was unveiled in 1913 on the centenial anniversary of the battle with a height of 100 feet to commemorate 100 years of peace between the US and Canada. Today folks enjoy the park for picnics or walking or playing with their dog or go hiking up the trails by the Castle and the creek. I sometimes wonder if these same folks ever stop to think of what happened on the grounds here known as Battlefield Park. Many men died here back in 1812-13 on the very grounds where folks have their picnics. Some hike along the creek where soldiers had fought, but do they recognize that bit of history?

It started back in the year 1812 when the United States declared war on Britain. U.S. troops came from the Niagara Peninsula, crossed the Niagara River and captured Fort George ( Niagara-on-the-Lake ) in May 1813. At the time there were 3,500 U.S. troops and the British had retreated back to Burlington Heights where Dundurn Castle now stands.

After the American troops had taken over Fort George they reached Stoney Creek on June 5th 1813 and made camp for the night. Unnoticed by the American Troops a 19 year old named Billy Green saw the troops settling in for the night. Billy Green watched the Americans settle then headed to where the British troops were at Burlington Heights and warned them that the Americans were setting up camp for the night in Stoney Creek. The British then went into action for a surprise night attack and had Billy be their scout for he was an experienced woodsman and knew the area well.

The invasion lead by Lieutenant-Colonel John Harvey with about 700 men moved into where the Americans were bedded down for the night. Once the battle started it only lasted about 40 minutes but hundreds of soldiers died that night. During the battle the British managed to capture two American Generals and also seized some field artillery. This night time invasion stopped the Americans from advancing and allowed the British to reestablish their position in the Niagara Peninsula....

The American troops that survived the invasion retreated to 40 mile creek in Grimsby and then they retreated even further to Fort George ........ The Americans never advanced their troops so far into the Niagara Peninsula again after the battle of Stoney Creek.

We had taken the tour of the old Gage house known as Battlefield House today. The tour guides there told us on more than one occasion each of the staff had seen Mrs.Gage roaming through the house.

The Tour is a good one to take and we recommend it to anyone that is interested in the battle that took place in Stoney Creek. Also each year on the 1st weekend of June the park has a re-enactment of the war of 1812 that takes place on the grounds at Battlefield Park... Click on the link to see photos and information of the re-enactment......

We have conducted many investigations at Battle Field Park and here is what we had found in our investigations....

On May 19th/2002 we went to the Stoney Creek Battlefield Park to take some night time shots of the area. It was a cool clear night when we had started our investigation. Around the bridge area, leading just off to the right there was a creepy feeling to it. Here is a picture that I took of the castle that was lit up this night. In the picture it appears as though all that stood on the horizon was the castle.

Once we walked up the stairs I went to the side of the castle and took this picture. Notice the window up in the castle. It appears as though someone or something was inside.

I took another photo of the side of the castle. You will notice some orbs in the photo, but if you take another look at the window and it looks like a figure of a person just opened the window. The white streak you see that is coming from the castle is nothing more than toilet paper hanging from the castle wall.

I went directly behind the castle and took this shot and caught a few orbs.

Here is a different angle from behind the casle with an angel orb hanging around and a few bugs thrown in for good measure.

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