The Old Branchton Rail Bridge
Branchton, Ontario Canada

We were invited to investigate the old Grand Trunk Railway Bridge located near Branchton, Ontario by Cliff and his friends, Mike and Trevor.They have reported the area to have some paranormal content to it. These three young men have been conducting paranormal investigations for some time now. They do not have a web site but from what we have seen they do have the ability to conduct an investigation. They take what they do seriously. And with this location they keep coming back for it holds much activity. Cliff is in the process of digging up some stories to the area as to why there would be paranormal activity there.So far he has found out that there was a suicide and some fatal car accidents that had occurred near the bridge.We will host the articles that Cliff comes across as we get them . We had all met at the Tim Hortons in Cambridge and we headed out to the bridge.Cliff had experienced strange things to the area. One being a very large old tree that has things fall out of it, yet nothing can be found to indicate that anything had fallen.Cliff has also got some strange pictures near the bridge and sometimes his group has heard and seen things out of the norm there.

Date September 25th, 2005
Pictures Taken 455
Pictures Used 4
Length of Investigation 3.5 hrs


The pictures that are shown in this investigation have what we believe to be real paranormal content. This of course is our OPINION ONLY. It is up to the individual to decide for themselves if what we had captured on camera is real or not! All pictures taken were witnessed by those in attendance while they were still on the camera.Once we get back home we do download the pictures then we test each photo that we intend to use on the site. Each picture that we present on our site goes through two stages. One being the negative test, the other, the posterize test to show proper colored energy forms.You will also notice that we give a description of what we see in each energy form. Please remember what we see in each spirit form is our OPINION ONLY. With that said we hope you, the viewer, enjoy your visit to our site)

Upon our arrival at the bridge we had noticed an eerie silence to the area. The bridge itself was spooky to look at and the thought had crossed my mind that this place had something to it. I had gone down to the small creek and took pictures in the small tunnel there. I got a few orb shots and also heard something that sounded like somebody walking up the small creek as I had my back turned to take pictures. This happened a few times and I had to keep checking to see if I could see anyone. The big tree that was mentioned is not far from the bridge and I went over there and the rest of the group were sitting there listening to what sounded like branches breaking and falling out of the tree. I went into the farmer's field and sat under the tree to have a closer look as the sounds carried on. It did sound like branches breaking off of the tree, yet no branches had ever made their way to the ground. We took many pictures of the area, but only came up with a few from this nights investigation .

The above photo is in the area of the big tree I was talking about. At the time this picture was taken you could hear branches breaking in the tree and hitting the ground, yet no branches were ever found. I took the picture facing where everyone was and managed to capture a lot of activity. Most of this activity had reds and yellows to the ecto mist you see in the photo. Some of this seemed to come down and hit Steve's car in front of our car. When I first viewed this picture I thought I had captured someone's cigarette smoke. But after checking it on the computer it was in fact ecto mist. In the following two pictures you will see the test I do to make sure it is not ones breath or cigarette smoke.

In this test you can see the red energy clearly in the mist that had formed around the tree and Steves car. Notice the energy seemed to rebound off the car. Also the energy was either descending or climbing upward by the tree in the middle of the road.

In the negative test , you can see that the mist in question is transparent. If you look to the fellow standing by Steve's car, this was Cliff. And in this test you can plainly see a hand with long fingers that seem to be touching him on the shoulder. After seeing this photo I had emailed Cliff telling him that he had something that wanted to get his attention. This was one of the best pictures I got this night.

To the right of this photo and up on the corner of the bridge you can see a small wisp of ecto mist starting to form on the top of the bridge.

In this photo that Cathy had taken she caught something strange. If you look in the middle of the bridge and between the tree you will notice something blue streaking across the night time sky. We still are not sure what this could have been.

We are sure to return to the bridge in the future. Cliff had told us that some nights it goes crazy out there with strange things happening. The area does hold a spooky feel to it and there is something strange that does occur around the big tree. It will be interesting as to what Cliff can find on the area.Whenever Cliff can find any articles about the area we will post his findings up on this page. In the future we are sure to return to the bridge and tree and conduct yet another investigation to this area.

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