The Old Catholic Cemetery
AKA Saint Augustines Cemetery
Dundas, Ontario

While we conducted investigations for paranormal activity from the old Dundas Train Station and the Sydenham Rail Bridge in Dundas, we encountered a lot of paranormal activity between the two points.

At first we had thought maybe the spirit activity that we had encountered was that of the two train wrecks. That the spirits would travel between the two points. The train wrecks I am speaking of would be the rail disaster of December 25th/1934 and the one at the Sydenham Rail Bridge that had occurred on March 19th/1859.

Upon further investigation into the history of the area we discovered a wealth of information on why we were getting activity between the two points. Our theory about the spirits traveling between the two points was put to rest so to speak.

We had discovered that there was a very old cemetery that rested between the two points that went almost right up to where the railroad is today, between the two points we were investigating. After digging for more information about this cemetery we came across information that would tie in the paranormal activity that we had captured on the railroad.

The cemetery was named by some, the Old Catholic Cemetery, as indicated on the map above. The real name of the cemetery is Saint Augustine's and it used to sit up at the end of Market Street. This was the first cemetery to be built, on two acres of land, and it opened in the year 1831. The cemetery was hemmed in on three sides by a quarry and on the fourth side by a railroad line and it stood atop a hill created by the operation of the Canada Crushed and Cut Stone Ltd.

The cemetery back in its day could be reached by Lesslie Mountain Road which was a northerly extension of Market Street. The road used to pass the cemetery's front gate (Where the new Cascades stand today) and continued up the mountain to reach the top point where the Canada Crushed Stone Company's stone crusher used to be. In fact the Stone Company used the upper part of the road as a route for their inclined railway by which they used to haul heavy equipment from the C.N.R. tracks to the top of the mountain.

The lower part of the road that led into the old cemetery was less used by the year 1900, since land was purchased for a newer cemetery over on Upper East Street in the year 1896. There were still a few burials at the old cemetery up to the year 1905. From 1896 on there was a steady sequence of body removals from the older cemetery and re-interrals in the newer one. However not all the bodies could be moved for some graves were too far gone and could not be moved. Once the cemetery was vacated the land was sold to the Canada Crushed Stone Company.

Today the area where the old cemetery used to be and the Canada Crushed Stone Company used to be is now the home of the Cascades, a new home survey that sits on the plateau in Dundas.

The ones that could not be removed from the old cemetery may still occupy the area by the tracks and this would explain the activity that we get between the two points on the tracks by the Cascades.

In the above map I have outlined where the Cascades are today. Part of the survey of homes were built over the old cemetery in Dundas, Ontario.

This is a close up view of the old cemetery. As seen on the map, the northern extension of Market Street was called Lesslie Mountain Road and it continued up the mountain as shown. This road passed the front gates of the cemetery. Today if one could travel up Market Street they would go through the heart of the Cascades but Market comes to a dead end.

September 28/2003
Pictures taken 418
Length of Investigation: 3 hrs


The pictures that are shown in this investigation have what we believe to be real paranormal content. This of course is our OPINION ONLY. We do this as a hobby, not as a business. It is up to the individual to decide for themselves if what we had captured on camera is real or not! All pictures taken were witnessed by those in attendance while they were still on the camera. With that said we hope you, the viewer, enjoy your visit to our site.

We had a theory that maybe the spirits from the train wrecks would travel along the rail between the two points and this was why we had encountered paranormal activity in this area. After doing so many investigations we could not rest with this explanation. We knew there had to be something else that happened in the area.

We went to the Dundas Museum to search for more information to the Dundas Rail Line and found that the Old Catholic cemetery used to be right below it. This made sense to all of us, and the theory we had was put to rest so to speak. Anything of a tragic nature, such as accidental deaths, the spirits would be locked to that area.

In this photo you can see some energy forming near the rail. This energy form had many colors to it indicating vibrant energy of a spirit.

This photo shows ecto mist with forms within it. To the left side of the picture you can see a form of what appears to be a dog's head.

Cathy was standing near the edge of the railway near the western portion of where the Cascades are today. Some energy form seemed to be near her with color to it, that appeared on the rail line.

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