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I have never met Jay Garner. I did however meet some folks that knew him well. His friends had shown me where Jay had died one night on an isolated country road not far from the Woodburn Cemetery.

This page is a tribute to Jay. What you are about to read is not a haunted tale but one of a young man that had a lot of friends that loved him. Our investigation into the Jay Garner case will show that Jay may still be occupying the area where he had died. This does not mean that the area is haunted by his spirit. We believe that anyone that has died whether it be a car accident or a hit and run, that the spirit of that person may be confused or has not realized that they had died. It also could mean the spirit may need help to cross over.There are many reasons that a spirit of the person may reside in an area where tragedy had struck.

We are not the only ones that believe that a spirit of a person such as Jay Garner may occupy an area where they had died. Many folks from all religions believe that the spirit may reside at the scene. This is shown by flowers attached to a pole, or a memorial may be set up by a roadside such as that for Jay.

Above is the write up from the Hamilton Spectator dated March 16th/2000 into how this young man's life came to a tragic end.

The next day the Hamilton Spectator wrote this article.

The police appeal to anyone that may have witnessed the hit and run.

Auto body shops were on high alert for the car or truck that struck down Jay Garner back on March 15th/2003.

Friends of Jay's got together to make a special tribute to him by erecting a memorial bench as well as trees and flowers in the area where Jay had lost his life.

This was in the year book where Jay had attended school. The article was given to me by one of Jay's friends, a young man named Andrew.

In the above photo you can see the lovely bench that was donated by a local firm, and the two trees by the bench complete with flowers that 60 of Jay's friends had put in. Jay was well liked by his peers at school and by making this memorial for him it brought comfort for those that wanted to just sit and reflect on the good times when Jay was alive.

On the bench is a plaque dedicated to a well liked young man named Jay Garner.

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