Griffin House
Ancaster, Ontario Canada

The Griffin House is located on Mineral Springs Road in Ancaster near the Conservation office. The Griffin House is a historical reminder of what pioneers had as a house back in the early 1800's.

The house used to be owned by George Hodgeboom who sold his property and house in 1834 to a fellow named Enerals Griffin. Mr. Griffin was born into slavery back in Virgina. Mr. Griffin and his wife Priscilla had arrived in Canada looking for freedom from the slavery that was in the United States. The Griffins were of African-American descent and they had the determination to settle here in Canada where they could be free.

Just prior to purchasing the house and property from Mr Hodgeboom they had a son James. Through the decades that followed the Griffin descendants owned and maintained this house until they sold it to the Hamilton Region Conservation Authority in the year 1988.

The Griffin House stands as a testament to the determination of the African-American folks that fled the Unitied States to Canada for their freedom. The house most likely could tell many stories if it could talk. And what secrets might it hold within it's walls? The grounds could still be called home by the Griffins' spirits.

When you enter the property and stop to think of how the Griffins lived in the house and imagine the children that were born here. You can almost see children playing in a time that has long since passed by.

I am sure that this house was loved by all of the descendants of the Griffin Family and some of the spirits from those descendants may still be here.

Back in January of this year we had went up to explore the Griffin House on Mineral Springs Road. It was a cold day when we had arrived, with snow still on the ground. This is the roadway leading to the house. Now standing in the middle of the trail a sign stands that reads "Griffin House"

Getting beyond the sign you can see the house just ahead of you on the trail.

In front of the house there is a historical plaque that gives some of the details of the Griffin House and how it came to be.

A picture view of the house that consisted of a living room, kitchen, and two upper bedrooms. A small house yes, but a big house for a determined African American family that escaped slavery to settle here in Canada.

We planned on coming back to this location at night to conduct an investigation around the property, but waited till the weather warmed up a bit more.

Mar 23/2003
Conditions Clear Night
# In Group 2
Pics Taken 27
Pics Used 4

We arrived at the Griffin House on march 23rd/2003. We got out of the car and headed up the driveway. Just beyond the sign in the driveway leading to the house I felt something near to my left. I took a picture and managed to capture some ecto coming from the ground near the driveway in a light blue mist.

We were by the house and had the feeling of being watched. In this photo you can see a large orb near the historical plaque that stands in front of the house.

Nothing paranormal in this photo, but it does show the house as it stands today in the night.

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