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2nd Annual Potluck Halloween Party

First off we would like to thank each person that came out to the Potluck Dinner held at the Old Town Hall on October 30th/2004. Thank you so much to everyone that made this event a BIG success, and one to remember for a long time to come.

It was so nice to see so many new faces at the event and to talk with folks that had an interest in the paranormal. There were so many people there this night and I apologize if I did not get to each and every one to talk about the paranormal aspect of things on an individual basis.

It is your support that make these events such a big success. It was an honor to meet all of you and we hope everyone had a great time. Clyde (our skeleton) will be taking an early retirement. He lost his head at the party! Also a big thank you goes out to Stan "the space man" from "Adventures in Plasticland" for supplying the music at this event.

Mark from Super Natural Voices, and his girlfriend Penni came out to our party and we thank the both of them for attending. Mark always has a good story to tell of his investigations into the paranormal.

We hope to meet everyone again when we have our Christmas Potluck get together in December.

Below you will find the photos we had taken of our get together for Halloween. We hope that everyone enjoys looking at the photos as much as we did.

Here is our guest star Clyde watching the stairs for guests coming to the party. Later this evening Clyde lost his head due to all of the excitement. We did not take any photos of Clyde after he lost his head for fear of our younger viewers having nightmares. We are in the process of trying to find Clyde's next of kin. :)

Pictured above was the two Bingo Prizes that we had this night. The Ouija Board was only for display purposes.....

The two tables with the door prizes to be won.

A close up view of table one door prizes.

A close up view of table two door prizes.

A close up view of the Wizard that was up for grabs in the second raffle, as well as the VHS Movie for the consolation prize.

A close up view of the DVD Player up for grabs and the DVD movie "Bugs" as the consolation prize.

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