Mystery House

When I am not investigating the paranormal I drive for a living, and I kept seeing this house that is nestled just off of #6 highway. The house itself is well hidden and sits in a very deep ravine. I had also seen a garage on the property along with a satellite dish by the garage so I thought the house was occupied. When I took a closer look I found that the home had been abandoned for some time. So on Dec. 15th/2002 I went there to start an investigation in the home and the surrounding area....

I have no history to this location or its previous occupants, however what we had discovered was very interesting.....

The house appears to have been built some time in the 1800's judging from the materials used and the workmanship. The floors inside are all hardwood and would have looked opulent in their time. What a magnificent home this once was.

Date: Dec 15th/2002
Conditions: Overcast
Total Pics Taken: 208
Best Pics used: 40
length of Investigation: 2 Hrs. 20 min.

In this shot you can see the house as well as the swimming pool, also the highway above the house. When you see the home in real time you can imagine that this home belonged to someone with money.

In this pic you can see the beginning of the laneway. Someone had rammed the gate that was once here. The laneway itself is a long one that winds down to the house.

You can see the swimming pool to the right. (The pool was fenced off with orange construction netting.) The house is a two story home and was constructed of quarry rock.

A closer shot of the pool.

In this pic you can see that at one time there was a sunroom attached to the house, all the windows were broken by vandals. Such a shame.

A side shot of the house. You can see all the broken windows, the cellar entrance had no door attached to it, and when you near the entrance of the cellar you get a sense of not being wanted inside.

A pic of the garage. It was a two car garage and the doors could not be opened, with a second 2 car garage sitting behind it.

A pic of the satellite dish by the garage, again giving the impression of someone having money.

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