Smith's Knoll
Stoney Creek Ontario

Smith's Knoll that sits on the north side of King Street in Stoney Creek had a part in the Battle of Stoney Creek of the war 1812 but this did not come to light until 1889, 76 years after the battle had taken place.

A young boy named Allen Smith was doing the ploughing of his father's farm. And in the field where he was ploughing he uncovered bits of bone and cloth with what appeared to be British and American military emblems. The young man ran back to the farm house to tell his father what he had discovered.

After this was discovered, more digging was done which led to the discovery of 23 unknown soldiers bodies being found on the Smith's land. The area where the bodies of the soldiers were found is now known as Smith's Knoll. It was later discoverd that this was the place where the American guns had been placed during the battle....

As time went by Smith's Knoll became the site of the Battlefield Cemetery in Stoney Creek, Ontario.

In 1998 the city prepared a unique plan to restore the downtown core of Stoney Creek and included in this plan was giving the Cemetery a face lift. Assistance for the Knoll came from the Millenium Bureau of Canada .... On June 4th/2000 at 11a.m. after the reconstuction of the Knoll it was ready to be re-opened to the public as a National Historic Site complete with a special re-dededication memorial service.

At the re-dedication ceremony the remains of the 23 soldiers that were found on the knoll had been put into a wooden crate and then were put into a new crypt that was installed at the knoll.

The soldiers remains were unearthed back in the summer of 1999 as a part for the new Millenium Project. Archaeologists that uncovered the bodies of the soldiers were unable to explain why most of the skulls of the soldiers were missing.

They did confirm that the bones that were uncovered were that of British and American soldiers. Also they had found British Buttons and shot and many buttons from the Second Artillery Unit belonging to an American Unit.....

It is believed that the soldiers would have been killed by other soldiers to end their suffering on the knoll during the Battle Of Stoney Creek.....

Today Smith's Knoll is a monument to be proud of and a reminder of those that died in battle of the War of 1812.....

A good picture to show the length of one of the cannons that were used back in the War Of 1812 by the British Army that now sits on the knoll.

We had conducted a brief investigation at the Knoll and came up short of pictures, but here is a picture of the knoll as it stands today at night time.

In the above shot you can see the new crypt where the bodies of those that were found on the knoll now rest in peace.There is a lone orb that hovers over the crypt.

Another picture of the crypt at night on the knoll. Just to the right on the house that sits by the knoll a lone ORB stands by to see what we are up to.

A picture of the flower garden that sits by the monument on the knoll with another lone ORB just above the garden. We plan on returning to the Knoll to conduct investigations in the future. The knoll is open to the public and its a great spot to visit.

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