We dedicate this page to our dearest friend and companion. Our fearless protector and faithful ghost hunting dog Lady, who died too soon. May her spirit dwell with the angels forever.

Lady's Sadness

With saddened hearts
And tear filled eyes
We've had to say
Our final goodbyes

Our beloved pet
Our dearest friend
Our journey together
Is at an end

Your spirit lingers
Near us still
It's our belief
It always will

We love you Lady!

Cathy Brady 5/1/03

Lady came into our lives in May of 1997. She was an abused and neglected dog in need of some serious loving. She was a former junkyard dog who hadn't known love in her then short life. She knew only angry words, neglect, pain and starvation. She was seriously under weight and still managed to eat like a lady in the presence of two large dobermans that gobbled their food and threatened to take hers. Hence her name of Lady came to be. The poem below is a summary of her life as a junkyard dog.

Journey to Viciousness
-The Tale of a Junkyard Dog-

Loving trusting eyes
Would follow you through your day
Hoping for a kind word
Or a gentle touch today

You put her on a chain
And left her all day long
She didn't understand
What it was that she'd done wrong

You didn't give her shelter
To get in from the rain
She gave you love and trust
All you gave to her was pain

She'd wag her tail with happiness
And greet you each time you came
That wasn't what you wanted
So you beat her til she was lame

When the leg was mended
And she could finally walk
She'd growl and try to bite you
Each time you stopped to talk

One day you came too close
And she bit you on the arm
So with a board you broke her nose
How dare she cause you harm

The love and trust were faded
Replaced with fear and hate
Could this dog be rescued
Or was this to be her fate

Cathy Brady

It took us two weeks to earn enough trust that she would roll over and expose her belly to us (provided the dobs weren't near). What a milestone in her rehabilitation process. By July 16, 1997 she had firmly established herself as part of our family, and as our protector. She insisted that she should be the center of attention at all times and she should accompany us everywhere we went. Of course this wasn't always practical, but on this occassion we took her with us to Webster Falls.

She always had a way of knowing what it would take to make us laugh or smile. Whether it was just a goofy look she'd give or some silly trick she'd pull she always got the desired results. She got petted and loved. She was loving all this new found attention.

By Christmas of 1997 Lady was quite the little ham. She loved being the center of attention so when we put the reindeer antlers on her head she just seemed to laugh right out loud. She was very patient with us while we got the camera out to take her picture. But once she heard the click she was ready to take them off and go investigate to see what made them stand so tall. We had to rescue the antlers so we'd have them for the next year's pictures.

By 1999 Lady had discovered her adventurous spirit. She never strayed far from us when she was off lead, but she loved to lead the way. She had a way of looking at you that said "I'm in charge, so follow me."

Lady had absolutely no fear. When we took her to lookout point overlooking the Dundas valley she went clear out to the edge and stood there almost as if she was declaring herself queen of the mountain. She even found a ledge below to jump down onto. Now that's fearless!

Lady was at her best when she was leading the family on an adventure. She loved being out with us and it showed. You could always see a happy smile on her face as she checked out the surroundings to make sure it was safe for us. And beware to the strangers that came near. Lady had a proximity warning for anyone that came too close to any of us. Being an abused junkyard dog left her with a mistrust of strangers, but especially men.

On April 24, 2003 we were worried about the way she was acting so we took her to the vet. After she spent most of the day there she came home with some medication and we hoped this would help her to get back to her old self. Some days were good, some were not so good. But on May 1, 2003 Lady was panting heavily and finding it difficult to walk so we planned a return visit to the vet's office.

Lady must have known that she was going to die soon. After panting heavily all morning she pulled herself out from under my computer desk and slowly wobbled over to the couch and climbed up to lay in George's favorite spot. I left the room for less than 5 minutes to get ready to take her back to the vet, and when I returned she was already gone. It seems that she waited until I was gone to let go of this mortal life. She looked like she had just drifted off to sleep, but she was so cold. It still breaks our hearts to know that her life here on earth was so short. But we take some comfort in the knowledge that we gave her as much love and happiness as we could in the six years that she was with us.

Lady's Last Hunt

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