Merritt Field
Ancaster, Ontario

Little is known about Merritt Field that nestles in the hillside of Ancaster. We decided to investigate the area after receiving a few emails asking us to please check this place out. Some other folks have had a paranormal experience that could not be explained away. Some have reported hearing a dog running through the field while others saw flashes of light zipping along the trees at Merritt Field. The dog appeared to some folks and then simply vanished just before it reached the unexpected guests that would visit this area at night.

We will conduct some research as to what Merritt Field was and maybe we can come up with a few answers as to why some folks have had an encounter of a paranormal nature.....

Our first investigation was done on April 23/2004. Driving out to get to the field was quite a sight to see. The trees that line the old dirt road looked like something out of time giving an eerie effect as one drove along.

Once we reached the parking area the gate for the road was closed and we knew we had to walk the rest of the way in to reach the field. As we walked down the road there were strange sounds and a sense of being watched. We got to a fork in the road and to the left we could see flashes of light zipping around us. There were also shadows that showed in low bright forms that flashed in and around the trees.

For about a hour we caught nothing on camera , but we did see a lot of movement in the area and heard strange sounds that could not be explained easily, then we started to get pictures on camera of energy forms around the trees.

The above picture shows the back road leading to the Merritt Field Center. The road itself looks like one is traveling back in time.

In this photo you can see there is a small parking lot by the gate that leads to the feild. From this point one has to walk in.

Down by the picnic area that leads close to the bruce trail there was some paranormal energy close by. The ecto mist was in the transformation stage (turning into blue ecto plasm).

A few moments later, the energy you saw in the last photo was just starting to leave the area by traveling upwards.

There is a trail that splits into two parts. This area had a lot of different things happening this night. We had all seen different things moving in and around the area. This photo shows an orb that seemed to be watching us from a distance.

Over by a large tree not too far from where the trail splits, I managed to capture some ecto mist forming to my right.

In the same area I snapped off another photo and caught this puffy looking ecto mist just above a small hydro box near the trail. Just to the right of the picture you can see a faint wisp of ecto.

After about an hour I came up with nothing to show, then I had a sense that something was standing near me. All of a sudden I felt a cold chill to my right. I took this photo and as you can see something was standing beside me or just passing by me at the time this photo was taken.

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