Mt Albion Cemetery
Stoney Creek, Ontario Canada

A Brief History

The Mount Albion Cemetery is located on the west side of Mount Albion Road just a bit South of Mud Street .
The crown patent for this area (known back in the year 1805 as Con:7 Lot 33 in the Township of Saltfleet) was granted to Elizabeth Murry, Daughter of Lieut. Murray of the 84th Regiment, dated the 16th of January 1805.

The land then was given to Jonathan Davis who in turn gave the land to the trustees of the Synod of the Presbyterian Church in Canada, in connection with the Church of Scotland and it was registered in the year 1844.

The earlier settlers of this area were made up of mostly Scottish descendants that more than likely worked at the mill or black smith shop of Mount Albion......
The walls of the blacksmith shop can still be seen, standing inside a chain link fence on Mud Street just west of Mount Albion Road.

The land in this area was believed to be the site of the Auld Scotch Kirk which was established before the year of 1843 and taken down in the year 1878....

The first body to be buried at the cemetery was that of John Dickson in the year 1847. The second to be buried was Thomas Aitken in the year of 1847. The Cemetery itself is only about one-quarter acre in size.

In 1871 the census showed many names were of Presbyterian adherents. At that time the property was recorded as the Pearson Property on the east side of Mount Albion Road right across from the Mount Albion Cemetery.....

There is a small cemetery on a hill across from the main cemetery. This was on the Pearson Farm Property. The few graves on this lot were not part of the Mount Albion Cemetery, therefore the graves are unattended. The Cemetery Board is considering re-locating the graves across the road into the official burial grounds. However this has not yet been done. The graves are still located on the old Person Farm across from Mount Albion Cemetery.....

After hearing from Judith (a friend of Hamilton Paranormal) that she got some pictures that could not be explained away, we headed out to conduct an investigation at the Mount Albion Cemetery.....

At first glance you can see that this Cemetery has fallen victim to vandalism over the years. A lot of tombstones smashed to pieces, the sign pulled down etc......

You cannot help but wonder why some people would do such a thing..... Below you will see some photos that we have taken and what we had experienced there.

Date: Oct 22nd/2002
Conditions; overcast day...
Total pictures taken 44
Best pictures used 6
Length of Investigation 1hrs 27 min.

As you can see some vandals have pulled down the Cemetery sign at this small Cemetery of Mt. Albion......

In this photo you can see a tombstone that has been vandalized......

Another shot of some of the destruction caused by vandals....

In this photo it shows a double plot that came victim to vandals.....

A side shot of the whole cemetery where vandals took pleasure in destroying this cemetery.

In this photo it shows the small cemetery across the street from the main cemetery of Mt. Albion. This small burial plot by itself is located on what was once the Pearson Farm.

Date: Oct 31st/2002
Conditions; clear night
Total pictures taken 176
Best pictures used 9
Length of Investigation 3hrs 32 min.

On October 31st/2002 we returned to the Mt. Albion Cemetery to take some night time photos. When we arrived no one was around. After taking a few shots I caught this ecto mist at dusk.

This photo was taken about an hour into our investigation where you can see some ectoplasm that formed within the cemetery. Ectoplasm shows as a blue ecto mist that has more energy to it... We also had company with us on this night. Some local teenagers that meet up here from time to time.

The folks that were there wanted their picture taken in the Cemetery. (These would be the local teenagers that we had met while we were conducting our investigation) A big thank you goes out to these brave souls to confirm what we got on camera on this Halloween night.

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