Sydenham Rail Bridge Mystery Orb

After reading an email from a person that had a bad experience near the Sydenham Rail Bridge in Dundas we went to the area to investigate and see if we encountered any paranormal activity. We visited the site on Nov 24th/2002 and took many pictures , Judith was with us and she had taken some photos of this area as well. After going through all the photos I had noticed that we had a red orb follow me throughout the investigation. In this section called the Sydenham Rail bridge mystery orb you will see this mystery orb follow me not only on Nov 24 but as well as on the night of Nov 29th/2002.....

Many of the photos I took did not show this orb, so this rules out anything on the lense of the camera. You will also see that this orb had followed me home and now resides in our apartment.

Here is the pic of the orb that shows up in a lot of pictures taken out near the Sydenham Rail Bridge on Nov 24/2002 it shows up 10 times this night.....

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