The Oakwood Cemetery

My attention was drawn to this cemetery in Simcoe by my niece Jori who lives in Simcoe, Ontario. Jori wanted us to come and visit this cemetery to get some night time photos. So we headed out on May 25th, 2003 and we met up with Jori, Jackie, Matthew and Cody to see what we could get on camera. The night was clear, there was a hint of pollen in the air, so if you happen to see any small specs it would be pollen and nothing to do with the paranormal.

Weather: Clear Night
Conditions: Bugs , Pollen, a bit of dust.
Pics Taken: 225

In this photo one can see the entrance to the cemetery. This cememtery was large in size for its location.

It was dusk and the sun was just setting in behind me when I took this photo. Jackie with her two sons Matthew and Cody standing at the entrance to the cemetery. Down by the gate on the left side an orb came to investigate what we were up to.

As it got dark I took another photo of Matthew standing at the entrance. Just above the stone post is another ORB hovering.

All the kids went with me to the left side of the cemetery while Jackie and Cathy went to the right. Cathy took this photo and managed to catch an orb on the left side up in the tree, notice the transparency of the orb.

Jori and Cody told me they felt something by this old cracked crypt when they went there a couple of days prior. So I took this shot and managed to capture a green orb by the crypt.

Another shot of the other side of the crypt, you can notice that the crypt has a large crack to the one side. Some orbs were by the old crypt notice the orbs are transparent...... Dust or pollen have a solid form.

Jori had discovered a cat at the door of one of the other crypts a few days prior and by the time we reached them it was getting late. In this photo you can see some orb activity by the crypt.

Cathy got a great shot of two orbs on this marker. Again please notice that the orbs are transparent.

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To Be Continued!

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