Our opinion on ghosts, spirit photography, and paranormal investigations

Before I start with our opinion on this subject of ghosts I would like to mention that some folks are skeptical about such things. This could arise from their religious beliefs or from refusing to believe there are such things as ghosts. The skeptic would rather make fun of something they don't understand. Or just shrug it off if someone tells them they saw something or felt something of the abnormal. I hope that those that are skeptical about this subject will take the time to read what we think. Then maybe, just maybe, they will walk away with the thought that there COULD be such things out there.

Ever since the beginning of time, to the present, and with all we have in science technology we still do not have a non-disputable way to PROVE the existence of ghosts. You know what is really funny about this? We probably never will. UNLESS of course, science can come up with some sort of technology to capture not only the physical make up of a ghost with it's energy, but to be able to keep the ghost in that same physical form to be able to study it. Yet after all this time, science has not been able to do that. And let's face it they probably never will.

OK, So where does that leave us?

You may be thinking to yourself at this moment, does that mean ghosts don't really exist? That they may be a figment of our imagination? Or could it be wishful thinking? Or, as the popular phrase goes "Whatever"?

To answer your own question just ask a person that lived in a house that has had numerous, totally unexplainable encounters with sometimes seen and unseen forces in the house. Such as apparitions, appliances turning on and off, lights turning off then on again, or hearing strange noises or seeing things moving from the corner of their eye.

Ask a police officer that has been to an establishment that was inhabited by a ghost or two. Or has been to an accident where they might have felt uneasy for some reason.

Ask a paranormal investigator who was able to capture a photograph or video or audio clip of things that can not be explained away.

Be real daring and ask a minister or priest or any other religious leader and they will tell you that there is some sort of after life .

Ask a doctor or nurse or an emergency paramedic. Or someone that has been with a person at the moment of death, and you will learn that they had seen or felt something at the time the person passed on.

Better yet ask yourself this? You know those times when you are somewhere physically alone and you get an odd, icky feeling that someone, or something, is there with you? Then you shiver and shrug it off as an over active imagination, right?? But was it???


Spirit photography is an upcoming hobby with a lot of folks. Some folks do it full time. Take a look through your family photos, a numerous amount right? Now try to find anything in the photos that may have some sort of abnormalities that can not be explained away. Not many huh? If you're lucky you may come across a couple out of lets say 200 photos.

So why are we getting these types of pictures now with orbs and ecto mist? The new technology we have today, with cameras and tape recorders and video cameras, we are able to catch more on film and record better then ever before could be one explanation. It also could be that we are more atuned to the spirit world. We are more aware of their presence than before. Our motto is, let them know you would like to photograph them and they will oblige. Try it and you just might be surprised what you get.

Orbs? could it be just dust or pollen etc? Of course it could be. But is it? This is where the video tape comes in. Watch a video tape of someone where they had a small glowing round object moving in weird directions. Then ask yourself does dust or pollen do this? Ask someone who would know. What they will tell you is, maybe but most likely not.

Ecto? Ah it's just a finger or fog or smoke or someone or something in the way. Well, what if there wasn't a finger or fog or smoke or someone or something in the way, Now explain it away. Can't do it? Nah, for course not. There is no logical explanation.

An apparition? Faked, or a reflection. Possible, yes there is always going to be that possibility. But what if that possibility did not exist?

We can keep going but we are sure you get the point by now. It boils down to what you wish to beleive does it not? You are not going to believe until one day you experince it yourself. And nothing else will convince you, not even a photo. But hey, next time you get that strange feeling, you can always pass it off as an over active imagination.

Paranormal investigating. Strange thing to do is it not? Yep we agree, but why not? When you get robbed do you just let bygones be bygones? Of course not! You contact the police, right? When your water pipes get old and rusty, then one bursts, do you just let the house get flooded? Of course not! You call a repair man to come and fix it right? Well when something weird and unexplainable happens in your home or business and you need help in dealing with it, or getting rid of it what ever it may be, you contact a paranormal investigator. They consult with you, and if they feel that you are not just making things up they will go into the place and see what they can do for you. Bottom line is.... If you need something fixed you get it fixed, it's that simple.

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