Some folks claim the Ouija board works, while others think they do not work. Some folks will buy the Parker Brothers Ouija board for their kids as a toy. The old age question has always been, "Do they work and if so can they conjure up an evil spirit?" In some cases they can conjure an unhappy spirit that may come through the board and cause havoc to the operator of the board.
Ouija boards can be a great tool if used in the proper manner. All Ouija boards should be used with respect. They are not a toy .......

Here is our story of an investigation we have done using an Ouija board at a private residence here in Hamilton, Ontario.

While conducting an investigation at the Hermitage mansion in Ancaster, some teens came up the back trail. They were wondering what we were doing taking pictures in and around the grounds. After explaining to them we were investigators into the paranormal. One girl came forward and told us that her uncle might be interested in talking to us. She took one of our cards and told us she would be in touch.

About two days later we received a phone call from the uncle asking us when we could do an investigation in his home. He had further stated that he was going to move in the near future and he knew there was something that occupied the house, scaring his dog and not letting the dog go upstairs or in the living room. He sounded very concerned as to what or who it was that was in his home, and he wanted us to come over and conduct an investigation to get our input.

So the stage was set for Thursday, two nights after his phone call.

The Investigation

When we arrived on November 27/2003 it was about 7pm. In attendace were Cindy, Myself and Cathy. Once the introductions were made I was guided over to the two french doors that seperated the living room from the dining room area. This was the area where it was explained to me that his golden retriever would not go between the doors that lead into the living room. He had demonstrated that the dog would not go through the two doors.

I had put my hand down to the floor and ran my hand up along the door frame and noticed that there was a cold chill that ran from the floor up to a height of about 4 ft and stopped. This would have been the side that would go to the outside wall of the house. So I figured the cause of this could be a crack in the foundation.

I did the same thing on the north wall and discovered the same effect. A cold chill that would rise to a height of about 4 ft coming from the doorway. The problem with this was that this wall was the inside wall and did not connect to the outside wall of the home. My conclusion was that it might be a spirit of a child of about 8 or 9 years of age that used to play in the living room and did not want the dog to enter, therefore stopping the dog at the doorway.

I had the man try the same experiment that I had done and he was amazed at what he had felt and had no explanation as to why this was occuring.

The man guided me over to where the stairs went up to the upper bedrooms and told me that his dog would not go right up the stairs. The stairs went up, made a left turn, then continued up, heading to the south side, to the second floor. He tried to get his dog to go past the landing with treats and calling her by name, but the dog would stop short of the landing and sat there crying.

I went to the landing and felt a very cold chill go through me and had a sense of something right near me on the landing. I felt that a great tragic event occured on this landing and told the man I felt it to be that of a child and further commented that this was where the child had died.

I took many pictures within the house. The one spot on the landing where I had thought a child was killed on the landing shows in the above picture. In the picture you can see a child holding onto what appears as a doll. Also notice that below the wood frame of the window there is no body seen in the photo. The apparation only showed in the upper window.

After taking more pictures upstairs I had only got an ORB in motion as indicated in the above photo. This was near the south west corner of the attic. The ORB was in motion just above the one boy's bed.

The Ouija Board Session

After doing the photo session it was decided to use the Ouija Board to make contact with the child, so we all went downstairs to the dining room by the french doors and started to set up the session. Cathy and Cindy were the operators of the board and the first question asked was who the spirit was that occupied the house. At first the planchette moved slowly in a circular motion, gaining speed where it was almost hard to hold onto the planchette.

The planchette moved quickly to letters on the board and it spelled out Pamela. There was no doubt with all of us that we had made contact with the child spirit of the home.

When asked how old she was the planchette moved quickly to 9...

Cathy had asked what her father's name was and again the planchette moved quicky, spelling out Joseph.

Cindy had asked Pamela what her mother's name was, and again the planchette moved with such speed it was hard to hold onto, and spelled out Claudette. The wife and husband of the home looked at one another in shock and told us there was no way we could have known who the past owners of the home were. They produced the deed to the house which listed all previous owners and showed it to me. And sure enough, it was there in black and white, Joseph and Claudette. (The papers were never shown to Cathy or Cindy while the session was under way.)

Cathy asked the spirit how she had died. Was it an accident? The planchette again took off with high speed spelling out the answers. She had died in the house, falling down the stairs and breaking her neck.

When asked about her mother, the spirit spelled out mother died in house....

When asked about her father, it spelled out father did not.......

At this point we took what was being spelled out to mean the mother had died in the house and the father did not.

Cindy had asked how Pamela had fallen down the stairs. The spirit spelled out pushed. When asked who had pushed her, father was spelled out.

Cathy had asked why did her father push her down the stairs....
The reply was accident, by father....

After many questions and answers it was decided that Pamela's mother and father were fighting when Pamela came to intervene. Her father pushes her away and she falls down the stairs, breaking her neck.

Cathy asked if she had any brothers or sisters and the reply was.... No.

Cindy had asked when she had died, the reply was 1930.

When asked when her mother had died, the reply was 1933.

When asked when her father died, the reply was 1970

Cathy asked for her last name, the reply was Malcomb

Again the owners of the home stopped us and said that the last names of Joseph and Claudette was Malcomb....

When it was asked why she occupied the house, it was indicated there was something she wanted found. When asked what it was she spelled out locket. When asked what was in the locket, Pamela spelled out picture, mom and dad.

At this point we could smell a strong odor of perfume within the dining room area and no one present had any perfume on. Only three of the eight people in attendance could smell it.

Cathy asked where her locket was. Pamela repeatedly spelled out the letters S W. We kind of thought for a moment what she was tring to say and I suggested to Cathy to ask her is S W the south west corner of the house.
Pamela answered yes, attic, newspaper.

I asked the man of the house if he had come across anything that looked like a hiding place in the floor upstairs and he said yes but never tried to open it up. After asking the gentleman if we could go back upstairs to see this he agreed. When we went upstairs he moved the bed and there on the floor was a few boards that looked like they were loose. He proceeded to open up the loose boards on the floor and sure enough there we discovered a heart shape locket and a 1930 newspaper...

In the newspaper was an article of the girls death, and the father was charged with murder, later to be cleared of all charges.... Inside the locket was a picture of Pamela's mother and father .

Cathy had asked Pamela if she was ready to cross over and join her mother. The planchette moved in a circular motion with high speed over yes.

Cathy asked if there was anything they could do to help her on her way and Pamela responded with Pray. Asked if there was a special prayer she wanted the reply was "Our Father". Cindy and Cathy started reciting the prayer and told Pamela to go to the light. Do you see your mother waiting for you and Pamela replied yes. Then the circles began to slow as Cindy repeated the prayer as Cathy was telling Pamela to go to the light where her mother was waiting. At the end of the third reciting of the prayer the planchette slowly drifted down to Good Bye.

At this point everyone in the room felt tears of joy for Pamela as she crossed over. This was one moment we will never forget.


It is our belief that this house did have the spirit of a little girl named Pamela.. Also the owners of the home were convinced that Pamela did occupy their home and thanked us for helping them to help Pamela cross over.

We believe Pamela came upstairs to find her parents fighting and wanted to break it up. Her father, in the heat of the fight pushed her to the side, not realizing that she was so near the stairs. She fell to her death on the stairs, trapped in the home by her desire to have her story told. We also believe that Pamela could not rest until the newspaper and locket were found.

Since Pamela has crossed over the dog now can go into the living room by way of the french doors and the dog has no problem going up the stairs and past the landing.

The owners have to date moved to their new home and keep in contact with us.

So do Ouija Boards work? In our opinion yes! This was proven on this private investigation.

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