Dickenson Level Rail Crossing

Just outside of the city's limits in the east mountain area, there is an old rail trail that is used for folks to walk their dog or for joggers to run. The area is very quiet, both during the day and night, and adds a silence to the country side and gives one the feeling of being at peace with nature.

The old rail trail was once used for trains coming into Hamilton, but the rails have since been removed. And when one goes by the trail on Dickenson road, most would not even notice that a train line crossed the road at one time, while taking in the beauty of the country side.

A tragic event took place back in the year of 1981 that brought a lot of horror to this quiet place known today as the rail trail that is nestled in the country side. On September 27th/1981 at about 5:40 pm. a fatal car accident made it's mark in history at what was known as the Dickenson Road Level Rail Crossing. The crossing back in this time had no warning signals to warn drivers of an approaching train. The crossing was hard to see even in daylight conditions, for the crossing was hidden by trees and bushes as one approaches the crossing from either direction, as indicated by the picture we have taken above.

A family of four were traveling west bound along Dickenson Road, just west of Nebo Road at about 5:40 pm. in a four door sadan. Inside the vehicle was the driver, Luigi Battistin, age 37, and in the passenger seat beside him was his daughter, 5 year old Lisa. In the back seat was his wife, Betty, age 35, and his son Jeffery, age 9. As they approached the level crossing, the driver of the car did not notice that a train was coming. This could have been because the family was talking while approaching the crossing, not paying any attention as they traveled along the road. The danger that lay ahead for this family went unnoticed. Their car struck the lead engine of a train that was traveling northbound across the level crossing. The train crushed the front portion of the car when they made contact and pushed the car for 20 yards along the tracks before coming to a stop. Some folks that arrived at the scene heard screams coming from the car. When fire crews arrived it took awhile to get every one out of the vehicle.

Luigi (the driver of the car) and his 5 year old daughter Lisa died instantly. The mother and the son in the back seat were injured and were reported to be in stable condition at the Hamilton General Hospital the next day.

Folks that lived in the area wanted to start up a petition to get something done about the crossing. They reported that the crossing was hard to see in either direction because of the trees and the humps on either side of the tracks. They had said that if you are not from the area, one would not even know they are crossing over a train line til they were right on top of it.

When we do investigations into a tragic event such as this one we believe that the spirit of Luiji and his daughter are still there at the scene where they last lived. This would not be a haunted location, but the area would hold paranormal activity. Pictured below is where the car would have ended up just on the right hand side beyond the crossing sign.

Some folks would look at this as being disgusting and morbid of us investigating such a place. We look at it as a tribute to those who lost their life at this location. For every investigation into hauntings or paranormal activity there are historical factors of people that have died before their time that have a tale to tell from the other side.

Articles such as this one keeps the spirit alive of those who passed away before their time.


The pictures that are shown in this investigation have what we believe to be real paranormal content. This of course is our OPINION ONLY. We do this as a hobby, not as a business. It is up to the individual to decide for themselves if what we had captured on camera is real or not! All pictures taken were witnessed by those in attendance while they were still on the camera. With that said we hope you, the viewer, enjoy your visit to our site.

October 14th/2004
Pics taken 442
Clear Night

Cathy and Myself were the first ones to go and investigate this site of a tragic event. It was a very clear night complete with thousands of stars in the night time sky. We were there about 20 minutes or so when all of a sudden we noticed every time we moved something on the left of the trail was following us in the bush. At first we thought it to be that of an animal, but then came to realize that it sounded as though it was a person moving about in the over grown bush, snapping twigs and bush.We just stood there watching and preparing for someone to just walk out . But no one did. Then we realized that it could not have been anyone in the thickness of the brush covered line, for no human could walk through this thick brush. There was also a trail that leads off of the main portion of the rail trail, to the right, just where the car would have come to rest after the tragic accident that took place 23 years ago. As we moved along the path that led to a large open area, the grass where the car would have been started to seperate as we walked along the path, as if someone was walking right beside us. Not on the trail but just beside the trail.We could also hear soft whispers of a man and that of a child talking but we were unable to understand the words being said. This night was full of activity at this location.

In this photo on the trail that leads to the big field on the right hand side of the trail you can see something in ecto form was forming just ahead of me on the trail. The image of this spirit almost appears as though it was wearing a robe pointing towards me with no face in the hooded area of the figure you are seeing in the photo. This energy form was vibrant in color and appeared in ecto plasm form.

Coming back from the field on the trail we could see with the naked eye, something going along the rail trail that appeared as a mist form. I took this picture and came up with ecto mist to my right that was taking on a form. And just to the left you can also see something else taking on a form of energy. The one on the left, after conducting the tests we do, shows as a red energy form of an unhappy spirit.

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