Ryckman Cemetery

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To date there are 17 graves at the Ryckman Family Plot located in Hamilton, Barton Township, Wentworth County, Canada. This small cemetery is located just behind the Nissan dealership on Upper James Street. To get to the cemetery you must get to it from delta street by the dealership.

The Cemetery stands alone in a big field, with a chain link fence around it. Some of the stones are broken and the markings on the stones are almost faded away. Time has taken its toll on this landmark, for it is now in need of repair .

These are the names from the tombstones in the Ryckman Cemetery.

Carr, John Champion, b. June 27, 1826, d. March 16, 1893
Carr, John H., s/o Mary Harrington Carr, (no dates)
Carr, Mary (Harrington), b. May 24, 1863, d. Sept. 16, 1888, w/o Dr. C. C. Carr
Hiles, William, d. Nov. 9, 1865, aged 65 yrs.
Hogeboon, Hannah, b. Aug. 7, 1759, d. April 25, 1844
Hogeboon, Peter, b. Jan. 13, 1755, d. June 11, 1845
Ryckman, Alma (Shepherdson), d. Aug. 29, 1823, w/o Cap. H. Ryckman
Ryckman, George M. Col., d. Nov. 3, 1865, aged 48y 5m 17ds
Ryckman, Hamilton Cap., d. Dec. 4, 1821, h/o Alma Shepherdson
Ryckman, R. L., of Barton, b. Dec. 20, 1825, d. Aug, 4, 1854
Ryckman, Samuel, d. Feb. 1816, (this was a ground vault, that is now broken and caved in)
Ryckman, Samuel, b. June 1, 1777, d. Feb. 16, 1846, (the top of this stone is missing and may refer to Samuel's wife)
Ryckman, Samuel, d. Feb. 1868, aged 82y 6ms
Ryckman, Samuel Ward, b. Sept. 13, 1814, d. Dec. 31, 1854
Ryckman, Wm.,Leeming, b. Sept. 24, 18??, (rest of stone is worn off)
Taylor, Claressa (Ryckman), who departed this life in Christian Faith, June 27, 1837, aged 24y 10m 24ds, w/o Michael Taylor, d/o Samuel and Rachel Ryckman
Taylor, Samuel Obadian, d. Aug. 27, 1850, aged 19y 6m 28ds, s/o Michael and Claressa Taylor

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When we entered into the Cemetery we noticed that the markers were broken and some leaning far back from their original upright positions. The vault was the one with the big stone slab laying on the ground. It was cracked and sunken in a bit.

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Here is a view from within the cemetery looking out. You will notice that there is a grave marker that has been broken in half.

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Here you can see that the writings on the marble monument have faded over time. It appears as if this grave stone had more to it at the top.

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Here you can see that this grave marking has been visited by vandals. When you go into this cemetery you will notice right away that no one has visited these graves in quite some time. There are no flowers, or wreaths, or any other momentos within...

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We returned to the Ryckman Cemetery on the night of May 14th/2002 at about 9:30 pm. This tiny out of the way cemetery has only 17 plots and we wanted to do a follow up on it. We felt a presence here, but not in a threatening way. In the photo you can see a lot of orbs. The red orbs nearest the ground were a little freaky....
The cemetery is a little difficult to get to on foot.

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I turned away from any lights that may be in the picture, and looked due east. We were surprised to capture so many ORBS and again the mysterious red entities . There were no lights in the field facing east from where these pictures were taken. At this point we could pick up a scent of freshly turned earth, and we had noticed that someone had redone the grave that was noted as the vault in this cemetery.

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From a different angle, but still facing east, (with our back to the dealership) once again we picked up on many orbs along with some glowing red ones... The big slab of marble you see on the ground was known to be the vault. It was cracked in two and seperated, but when we returned on this night the slab was pushed together again with fresh dirt that was turned recently....

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As we left the Cemetery I turned east again, as there were no lights in this direction.

Here is a picture of some firey looking entity hanging onto the fence or peeking over the fence.
If you look closely you will see that part of the entity is hanging over the bar on the fence, If this was a light, no way could this conceal the bar on the fence.

The red firey entities in the background resemble a fire. Also on the big upright grave marker to the right you will see what appears to be a red flame coming from it, with a heart shaped entity in the center. (I used no flash, to see if we could get anything with the camera, using only the dealership lights behind us for illumination.)

After we discovered this photo we could not help but wonder if someone from the Ryckman Cemetery died in a fire. Or was it from the old Indian burial grounds near the Ryckman Cemetery?

Not too far from the cemetery is a Native Village and burial ground. When we went out during the day to the Ryckman Cemetery, we could not find the Indian burial grounds .

Could the firey entities be from the native village that may have burned to the ground?

One thing for sure is that the firey entity that was holding onto the fence was in the cemetery.

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