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Hamilton Paranormal is a registered business in Ontario, and we are proud to present our Hand Crafted Spirit Talking Boards and other hand crafted merchandise. (Please note that each link will open a new window.)

Don't see that special item you were looking for? Simply email us your request and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can.

Ouija Board History
Here we give you a brief history of the Ouija board and why we are now making them.

Spirit Boards
Spirit Board 1
Spirit Board 2
Spirit Board 3
Spirit Board 4
Spirit Board 5
Stand Alone Board 1

Trinket Boxes
Trinket Boxes 1
Trinket Boxes 2
Trinket Boxes 3
Trinket Boxes 4
Trinket Boxes 5
Trinket Boxes 6
Trinket Boxes 7
Trinket Boxes 8
Trinket Boxes 9

Picture Plaques
Picture Plaque 1
Picture Plaque 2
Picture Plaque 3
Picture Plaque 4
Picture Plaque 5
Picture Plaque 6
Picture Plaque 7
Picture Plaque 8

Picture Frames
Picture Frame 1
Picture Frame 2
Picture Frame 3
Picture Frame 4

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