Ghostly Ship

November 9, 2002. A clear, still and unusually warm night for this time of year.
On our return trip from the investigations we'd been doing at the blue tunnel and the screaming tunnel we decided to stop at the old ghostly ship in Jordan. Along for the trip were Cathy, our two boys, Judith (a relatively new investigation participant) myself and Lady (our ghost hunting dog). When we pulled into the parking lot near the ship it was totally empty. As the lights of the car moved across it, we noticed that the ship seemed to be leaning more than it had on the previous trip. When we got down near the ship we realized that the water level had dropped several feet since our last visit.

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In this photo I felt something was very near and I was right. You can see some sort of ecto mist going along the water and up by the side of the ship.

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I got a few orbs here and there in the next few pics. Then approximately 20 minutes later I caught what appears to be more ecto mist. It seems we had company that wanted to show themselves.

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In the next shot I got nothing, but in this shot 3 minutes later more ecto mist. Is this ship trying to show me something????? After taking about 36 pictures of the ship there was nothing else spectacular to really report outside of these 3 shots.

We dont know the history of this fascinating old ship, but we do urge you if you ever make it by the Jordan Harbor, to stop by and take a look. It is definitely a site to see. I am sure if you drop in and see it, you too will come away with many ideas of where it has been and what adventures it must have seen while it was in service.

As to the question of whether it is haunted or not, who knows for sure. You will have to draw your own conclusions on this one. But there does seem to be a lot of paranormal activity here. And it is well worth the visit.

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The Old Pirate Ship that was at the Jordan Harbor, Lincoln County along the QEW heading towards Niagria Falls burnt down around 5am on Saturday Morning January 25th, 2003. Arson is suspected in the tragic end of this tall ship replica. The ship was known as the Gallen Grande Hermine. We were happy to have the pictures of this historical ship before the fire gutted her. It is sad that she is gone, but she will live on in our memories and in our pictures.

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