Suicide or Not?

In the year 2002 on a warm summer morning a young man was discovered hanging from a tree over a small creek in Simcoe Ontario. The body was discovered by a man walking his dog along the trails that run off of Oakwood Drive. Local teenagers have reported hearing strange noises along with an unsettling feeling when they pass this area. Also it has been reported that many bad things happen on the trail in the evening such as muggings and rape. It has been hinted at that even the police will not enter the trail unless they have back up.

As for the young man that was found hanging from a tree that reaches over the small creek, it has not been determined if the young man had hung himself or if he was murdered. The young man was well known to the local teens in the area and most agree that he did not hang himself...

I had the invite to talk to the teenagers that live in the area and was filled in on the account of this hanging. Some of the teens were invited to my nephew's birthday party (Matthew Doek) who does not live too far from where the hung man was discovered. After I had talked to the teens a group of us went out to the spot where the body was found. On the way along the trail I would have to agree with the teens that indeed there was a presence of some sort, complete with cold spots and warm spots.

Once the group reached the area I gazed at the tree for a few minutes and told the group to let me know when they saw or felt anything unusual, then we would start to take some pictures in the area. As the group waited and tuned in to the surroundings some had seen a shadow of a slender man standing nearby on the trail watching. Then the shadowy figure would move about on the trail and then was spotted across the creek. Cathy and I both saw what the others had seen and we were sure that indeed we were not alone...

The night sky overhead was very clear with many stars and there was almost a dead eerie silence that blanketed the area. There was no wind at all. Some of the teens started to feel the temperture drop and the leaves on the tree started to move. I got ready with my camera as did Cathy and we started the photo shoot......

Once we all reached the tree that hung over the creek everyone was feeling a little uneasy. The tree itself was one pictured from a horror movie. When the leaves started to ruffle I took this shot of the branch where the young man was found hanging. The ORB in the picture was on the branch in question.

After taking a few more pictures everyone heard a faint cracking sound up in the tree. I then took this picture and managed to get a bit of ecto around the branch's along with some orbs.

Cathy and a few others spotted a dark figure of a person up on a small hill behind me. Cathy tried to take a picture but her camera would not let her take the picture. So I clicked off one and got a bit more ecto mist on the hill.

The young lady (Chelsea) in the white top knew the young man that was found hanging from the tree. I took a picture where she was standing and got ecto plasm that seemed to be going towards her. When I had taken the picture I could see through the view finder the ecto that shows in the picture. At this point everyone noticed a change in temperature. Jori had thought that the mist that was going for the group was that of an angel.

After taking many more shots I kept this one for the ORB in the picture was fully energized with vibrant color.

At the time this photo was taken I had felt a slight heavy feeling on my chest. As one can see there were three orbs in the top portion of the picture. Red is not good and could be of a spirit that was angry. It could also mean a demon of some nature was in the area.

Nothing really of a paranormal nature in this picture. Part of the group that was with us this night. Cathy on the far left, Rose , our son Matthew, our new shepard MAX, Chelsea, Cindy and Daniel. In the background is our nephew Matthew, our niece Jori and the boy in blue was Rob.

Some orbs around the group at the base of the tree where the body was found.

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