Woodburn Cemetery Christ Church
Binbrook, Ontario


On July 18th in the year 1837 a deputation from Woodburn was sent out by the mayor, General Sir George Lieth called on the archdeacon in Toronto to ask for financial assistance to place a clergyman in Woodburn. The archdeacon wrote back to the mayor and said as soon as funds come available money would be sent. Also in the letter the archdeacon gave instructions to go ahead and build a church.....

On January 7th, 1840 the first burial was conducted in the attached cemetery for Mr. Duff's son John. The tombstone still stands there today.

On Febuary 14th, 1841 was the start of the erection of the church. Sand was hauled from Lake Ontario to build the church foundation. The following are the men involved with building the church. Messrs. Web, John Mckerli, Duff, Benner, Cooper, Woodhouse, John McCab, Twiss, Foister, Hales, Richard and George Lieth.

Services after the erection of the church were conducted by Rev. J. Flanagan in the same year.

On January 18, 1842 the first marriage ceremony was conducted for Mr. and Mrs. Newell.

In the year of 1844 the old church was replaced with a new church made of stone building costing $3,000. The seating capacity was for 200 people the Rev. Thomas Smith was rector at the time and opened the church for services on Monday June 10th, 1844.

Here is a photo of the stone church not long after it was built.

The church is very old and I was asked to see what I could find on the church grounds by a friend of mine. He had stated that when he was a kid the back of the church gave him the chills. So we headed out to see if we could feel anything and also to take pictures..... The night was clear and the back of the church had a well tended cemetery....125 photos were taken.

We arrived at the church on Sept 11/2002 and it felt a little wierd in the back of the church. We got some orb activity. But don't go mistaking the fully energized orb for the moon.

Here you can see someone standing by a tombstone in the back of the church.It was not Cathy and it sure was not me,but it appears there was a image of someone wearing a white shirt or coat with black pants just standing there looking at the grave marker.

Again more orbs around the top of the church at dusk.

Some ecto mist near the top by the steeple of the church.

In this photo you can see Something heading for the church in ecto mist form. We got this same type of mist before from the Dundas Rail Station.

In this photo near one of the grave stones I had a tightening feeling in my chest and caught this large red orb near one of the markers.

This recording was kind of spooky. No one but myself and Cathy was present, and we had placed the tape recorder on a head stone and walked away. There was no wind on this night and no traffic going by on the street out front. Was it from the paranormal realm? You be the judge.

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