A brief History of the Spirit Talking Board.....

Back in the year 1848 there were two sisters that lived in a log cabin in a small town called Hydesville, New York who claimed to have come into communication with the spirit of a dead peddler. This sparked a national obsession that spread all across the United States and Europe that became known as the birth of modern spiritualism.

Over time many methods were used to communicate with the dead. One being that of table tilting. A medium and the sitter would sit at a table with both holding their fingers lightly on the edge of a table and wait for spiritual contact.. It has been said that soon the table would tilt and move and begin knocking on the floor spelling out the words of the alphabet. Whole messages and sentences would be spelled out by the spirit.

Later on, a less noisy technique was developed called "Spirit Writing". This consisted of a basket with a pencil attached to it and the medium would ask a question with their fingers on the basket and it was said that the basket and pencil would write out messages. It is interesting to note that by using this method, that the "planchette" came to be the main tool used today.

By the year 1886 the first spirit talking board came to be. You can view more of the history of "OUIJA" in detail at this url.....

Our interest in the board....

When I was a child I remember owning a Ouija board made of wood. I had great results with my friends while using the board. As time passed and I got older I always remembered the wooden board that I had and often wondered what happened to it.

When I go around today to locate OUIJA boards they are mostly mass produced and made of pressed board with a big sticker front selling from $25.00 and up. The planchette is made of plastic with these boards. The only way to store the "OUIJA BOARD" is in the cardboard box that it came in which only wears out in a short period of time.

My reflection of the older boards that were produced, they were made of wood and they are very hard to find today.

This brought me to the conclusion we should make hand crafted "spirit talking boards" that could present a uniqueness to ones taste and individuality.

The Basswood we use is noted as an exotic wood that cannot be found in your regular lumber outlets. Basswood has to be ordered from an exotic wood dealer..... What is best about it is that it is lightweight and easy to work with and the finished product has a uniqueness all of its own.

Each board is made of 3/4 inch basswood or pine, and hand sanded before being burned and colored. Each planchette is made of 3/4 inch pine complete with wooden legs. Each board & planchette has a wood sealant put on before the varnish. Each coat of varnish that is put on the board & Planchette is hand sanded for smoothness. All boards & planchettes have 4 coats of varnish to give a high gloss effect. This will ensure that all hand crafted images on the board & planchettes will be preserved for a long time to come.

All boards come with a black padded carrying case. Inside the case is a pocket to keep your planchette from scratching your board. All cases are made from a soft black quilted material, complete with a handle for carrying your board from place to place or storing your board till your next reading......

We can also create a customized board for you with your own designs on the board. All boards are 12X16 working space, outside measurements are 12.5 X 16.5.

Please feel free to browse through the boards we have already created. If you should have any questions such as pricing and customizing, please feel free to email us at.....

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