Submitted by:Chris

My friend Bob and I visited Sydenham Bridge a couple of weeks ago, after reading about it on your site. It was peaceful and the wind appeared to pick up. We left without incident an hour later.

Last night (01/11/03)we returned with a camera and our flashlight. The wind again picked up. This time we heard crunching snow in the woods.
My friend Bob called out:'Look at this' I asked him what and he said he saw something like mist go past the flashlight. As we came back down towards the bridge we heard the snow again and I commented how it seemed windy. Large trees were swaying, but the wind did not seem severe enough to move them.

We had a real feeling that something was in front of us staring. We shone the flashlight on some indents in the snow leading up to the rail line. As we watched we were both shocked as the indent closest to us got deeper as if something was standing in the snow. I snapped a picture. We turned to leave under the bridge and a mist went by us to the entrance. I went to snap a picture and the camera would not function. I turned it toward the hill and snapped and it flashed. I again tried to take a picture towards the tunnel, but the camera would not flash. When I turned away it flashed. The fourth time I tried this my film simply rewound for no apparent reason. I was prevented by something from taking a picture. It was as if it was guarding the entrance to the bridge. We left.

We crossed Sydenham Road to return to the car and I suddenly stopped dead. I felt something across the street watching us. I crossed the road and spoke. I yelled to the forest in a firm tone that 'Whom ever you are you cannot come with us. Go back' I did that twice and the entity left. Bob said he heard wind chimes getting louder. I did not hear them.

I am convinced that there is something that wants desperately to communicate with someone. It does not want its picture taken though. I am taking the film in tomorrow.

I will not return to that spot without someone who knows what they are doing though.

Bob and I went to Sydenham last night and there was, as always, activity. I had two sets of batteries fail on my camera. They just drained. I did not get any real mental images last night but did get the feeling of being watched. Of fifty pictures this one had some mist on it. We were not smoking and were very careful about mist from our breath. This showed up very clearly.

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