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My name is Dave W. and I live in the area around St. Catharines so the Grand Trunk Railway Tunnel (BGT) is very accessible to me. I have checked out a lot of your pictures on the site and am very skeptical that so many of your pictures have "ectoplasmic mist" or some anomaly in it. I just found it very amazing that something so rare as capturing a spirit on camera has happened with much frequency for your photographers.

Today, December 26th at around 1:15pm myself and my friend Jeremy went through the tunnel and was amazed to see tons of ice hanging from the ceiling. So I snapped a few pictures because I am a Welland Canals buff of sorts and captured the following pic. I am a skeptic, but I would love to believe in something "otherworldly". Please tell me what you see in this pic and your interpretation of it. Remember, these are untouched, unedited photos from my brand new Kodak DX7630 which i got for Xmas.

I want your input into this.

The above was an email I had recieved from Dave. I tested the photos he had sent in and could only come up with this photo as being the real deal so to speak. This was a great shot of a spirit energy form taking on shape in the BGT during the day. We have tried to capture something like this ourselves, during the day, and had no luck. Great work Dave and we hope you will keep going to the BGT and we wish you the best of luck in your findings:)

We had received information that the above could have been a flash from the camera reflecting off the ice. It is still our opinion that the above photo that had been submitted is that of ecto plasm within the tunnel. We have been to the tunnel during the day and we used a flash while the ice was in the tunnel and never came across the same thing as pictured above. We had our flash on and took numerous pictures of the ice formations within the tunnel and never had a flash glare occur such as the picture above. This still comes down to what most folks want to believe. If the person that subbmitted the photo wishes to have this submission removed, please let us know and we will remove it.

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