"What is the difference between
a haunting and paranormal activity??"

We've been asked by so many of our new visitors what is the difference between the two? We've done our best to explain what we've learned from our own experiences to help others in their quests.

If you visit a site that is said to be "haunted" you will no doubt be told a ghost inhabits the area. And you will be told the story behind the ghostly visits. But is it a haunting? A true haunting is when you have physical evidence of a spirit inhabiting a location. A physical touch to your body or your belongings. Something being moved from where you know you put it down only to be found somewhere else at a later time. Lights that go on or off without being touched. Radios that suddenly change stations or the volume changing unexpectedly. Things being thrown about in a disarray. Anything that requires a physical action by an unseen force or an interaction between the living and the dead would qualify. These are all signs of a real haunting. For more definitions please refer to the poltergeist activity levels.

What is paranormal activity? Go to an old ghost town somewhere with a camera and you'll likely find a bit for yourself. Paranormal activity is the actions of a spirit in a realm other than our own that manages to be seen, heard or experienced in our realm. Paranormal activity could be simply seeing a spirit, hearing a spirit, feeling the emotions of a spirit, or just feeling their presence near you. The spider web effect on your hands, arms, face and/or legs. The static electric feeling you get if a spirit happens to come near you. Paranormal activity can be found pretty much anywhere around you. In a brand new home, an old home, an old hospital, a vacant field or a patch of forest. Paranormal activity means that there are spirits still inhabiting a location but not necessarily interacting with the living. The spirits of the dead outnumber the living any day of the week. There are no records (to our knowledge) of any burial locations before the year 1600. So where does that leave all of the dead and buried? No one knows for certain. So this can explain why any given location could have spirits attached to it. Some may wish to tell a story and make themselves known through photography, recordings etc. But they do not make physical contact at any time. This would be considered paranormal activity. It is the activity of beings from a different realm than our own, giving us clues into their life while here in this realm. Clues that we use to try to piece the puzzle together in order to tell their story. A sighting of a spirit could qualify as paranormal activity. Hearing a spirit could also qualify as paranormal activity. A spirit stopping by to say hello does not constitute a haunting, but merely a friendly gesture on their part. Sharing their world with us in an attempt to bridge the gap between the realms.

Without first hand field experience it is nearly impossible to distinguish the difference between the two.

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