The Jackson Homestead
Stoney Creek Ontario

The Jackson homestead that was once located near King Street and Nash Road in Hamilton played a part in the war of 1812. It was used as a hospital for the many wounded soldiers that fought in the battle of Stoney Creek ....

Many folks can now see where the Jackson Home is at Battlefield Park in Stoney Creek Ontario. It was moved from its original location back on Nov 7th/1999......

Did any of the spirits that would have been around the home follow the house to its new location???? This gave us cause to conduct an investigation of this beautiful home to see if in fact there would be any spirit activity....

On June the 5th/ 2002 I went to where the house was moved to and took this picture of the sign that was located at the new site. It has some good information for folks that wondered why the Jackson home was moved.

This photo would bring back a lot of memories to those that remembered its location when it sat on King Street.

On May 19th/2002 we took pictures of the Jackson Home. This was a nice shot of the home lit at night, complete with a few ORBS around it.

I went to the side of the house and took some more photos and managed to catch a large ORB near the top of the house.

Although we don't have many pictures yet, we do plan to return and investigate the area again.

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