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This board was custom ordered with angels and wolves on it. The planchette also has an angel adorning it.
$75 (Price includes carrying/storage bag and planchette.)

The Basswood we use is noted as an exotic wood that cannot be found in your regular lumber outlets. Basswood has to be ordered from an exotic wood dealer..... What is best about it is that it is lightweight and easy to work with and the finished product has a uniqueness all of its own.

Each board is made of 3/4 inch basswood or pine, and hand sanded before being burned and colored. Each planchette is made of 3/4 inch pine complete with wooden legs. Each board & planchette has a wood sealant put on before the varnish. Each coat of varnish that is put on the board & Planchette is hand sanded for smoothness. All boards & planchettes have 4 coats of varnish to give a high gloss effect. This will ensure that all hand crafted images on the board & planchettes will be preserved for a long time to come.

All boards come with a black padded carrying case. Inside the case is a pocket to keep your planchette from scratching your board. All cases are made from a soft black quilted material, complete with a handle for carrying your board from place to place or storing your board till your next reading......

We can also create a customized board for you with your own designs on the board. All boards are 12X16 working space, outside measurements are 12.5 X 16.5.

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