• August 28, 2004

    The universe yawned
    Constricted muscles scrunching it's sight,
    Billion and billions upon Billions of eyes, being
    Those pinholes of light emitted by spent planetoids,
    Faceless orbs, whose cosmic demise and collapse, on display
    Framed by the fabric of night sky
    And finally seen by us, here,
    warped, rapt and wrapped
    planted on THIS sphere
    Enveloped by a smothering smouldering meloncholic cloak
    hues of brackish blackish indigo blueish
    velvet rippled restlessness
    Which oozes, seeps and soaks, painted into every corner,
    nook, crook, cranny and crease
    bathing all with an inky unparellelled
    within this clockwerkedness, confines, contexts, contradictions and conveyencies
    is the constantly changing interplay of
    power, submissiveness, drain, strain, gain, dark, light,
    ying and yang
    Twilight's last gleaming
    Dawn's first beaming
    The Worlds Open....
    as wide and infinite as your mind.
    Welcome to the hear and now of yesterday, today, as we exit into tomorrow.