The Old Dickie Settlement Cemetery
Dumfries, Ontario

In today's world one can drive along any country road and notice tiny cemeteries that dot the country side. We often drive by, noticing the tiny cemetery and give way to the thought for a moment or two, who or what family may be buried within the cemetery and sometimes wondering to ourselves how old is this place. Then as fast as the thought came to us it seems to fade away as one travels along taking in the beauty of the countryside and thinking about ones destination.

Many of these cemeteries were made by pioneer families that came here to settle down, erecting farms and such. It was the pioneer families that made our country what it is today. Where there was life, there was also death and the early pioneers were no exception to the rule. Death, back in times past, often came quick and many of the early settlers had made a small burial ground on their property for family members and friends.

The Old Dickie Settlement dates back to the year 1837. The cemetery is located on Whistlebare Road in Dumfries, Ontario. In the old maps of Dumfries the cemetery lot sets on lot 28, concession 12. The cemetery sits on the corner of what is known today as the Elton Gehman Farm.

When the Dickie family came to settle in Dumfries, they had purchased a large piece of land. They had set aside a half acre of land on the corner of their farm for a burial ground for family members and friends. The Dickie Settlement came to be for there were several Dickie families that took up residence to the area known as the Hill. Most of the land was purchased by the Dickie families from the Hon. William Dickson. The Dickies as well as some of the neighbors in the area lacked a school for their children to go to. They had to send the children to Mr. Gowinlocks private school in Galt, Ontario. So plans were in the works to build a school near the Dickie Settlement. No records of the first school house could be found, but the records showed that the second school house was made of a log building structure that stood on the north side of the Roseville Road. The records of the school are dated back to the year 1847.

A special thank you to Stan Hilborn for his research into the Dickie Settlement Cemetery:) Stan is also known as Spaceman Stan ( Adventures in Plastic Land) on CKWR 98.5 FM and has on many occasions had us on air to talk about things that go bump in the night. Stan has also been on many of our investigations and finds the history and paranormal very interesting. Our article above could not have been done without the research that Stan had given us.

The Dickie Settlement Cemetery

Date September 4th, 2005
Pictures Taken 398
Pictures Used 19
Length of Investigation 3.0 hrs


The pictures that are shown in this investigation have what we believe to be real paranormal content. This of course is our OPINION ONLY. It is up to the individual to decide for themselves if what we had captured on camera is real or not! All pictures taken were witnessed by those in attendance while they were still on the camera. Once we get back home we download the pictures, then we test each photo that we intend to use on the site. Each picture that we present on our site goes through two stages, one being the negative test, the other, the posterize test to show proper colored energy forms.You will also notice that we give a description of what we see in each energy form. Please remember, what we see in each spirit form is our OPINION ONLY. With that said we hope you, the viewer, enjoy your visit to our site:)

We made a trip out to Cambridge , Ontario to meet up with Stan to go and do an investigation of the Dickie Settlement Cemetery out in Dumfries, Ontario.Upon our arrival the cemetery seemed very quiet and settled. After reading some of the stones we started to take pictures and got nothing in the first 45 minutes.Stan had said to us that he hoped that this was not a lunch bag let down and soon after we started to get activity. In a short time we had come to realize that whatever this spirit was doing, it was that of a child. This will be explained as we go along, viewing the pictures taken this night.

This is a birds eye view of the cemetery. I made a circle to where the most activity had taken place on Sept 4th/2005. Please note that the large bush in the top right hand corner is circled. It was here that our experience had taken us to the thought it was that of a child playing with us.

This was the first picture I had gotten that showed some form of energy to the right of my camera. At the time the temp had dropped as if I walked into a fridge.

In this photo you can see ecto mist blocking the bush area.

To the top left you can see another energy form taking on a shape. Again pointing and taking pictures of the large bush, I had this sense that whatever this spirit was it had a connection to the bush in the corner.

By the time I got this photo of energy I had taken about 35 more pictures and came up with nothing. The thought of a child came to me for no reason and I wandered over to the bush having the idea of a child playing with me and hiding. I almost had the sense as if this were a game of hide and seek. So I wandered over close to the fence line and took a picture in behind the bush and sure enough I got the above photo.

This photo was taken in the center of the cemetery after I was talking to Cathy and Stan that I had a strong sense that what we were capturing was that of a child.

After taking many more photos and coming up with nothing I had the urge to go behind the bush and take a picture. Again I found the spirit form as indicated in the photo. The purple mist you see is that of a high energy form and it appeared to be heading towards the old tombstones in the back of the bush.

In this photo it almost appeared as a shape of a human form to the right of the picture. Again this energy form had vibrant colors to it.

I came up with the idea, if this was a child playing with us, to ask where he or she was laid to rest. I had asked out loud for the spirit to show me what marker was theirs. As luck would have it, as shown in this photo, that whatever energy form was playing with me made a bee line to the fourth marker behind the bush. I had told Stan and Cathy what I had asked of the spirit and showed them what I managed to capture.We all had the same idea of a child playing with us.

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