The Drummond Hill Cemetery
Niagara Falls, Ontario

This photo shows the massive monument that is dedicated to the soldiers that died on this hill back in the war of 1812. It was very impressive to say the least.

I headed back to the stone with the horse on it. As I approached the stone I felt the horse and discovered it was made of some type of thin metal. At the time I was looking at this great piece of workmanship the church outdoor light came on and took me by surprise so to speak. (It's a motion detector light, but it didn't come on until after I was standing still in front of the headstone)

There is a sign that sits by Lundy's lane that marks this historical site of this old battlefield and graveyard known as The Drummond Hill Cemetery.

I went back to the big tree that sits by itself and a sudden coldness settled around me. I took this picture and you can see some ecto mist forming around the tree. I took some more pictures all around the tree but came up short of more ecto mist.

As we went to leave the cemetery heading back for the main gate we saw shadows moving between the headstones. I took this picture and got some light blue mist known as ecto plasm.

In the second picture I took, again I caught the ecto plasm. At the time you had the feeling you were not alone. Then one could hear some folks running, hearing what sounded like boots. Then there was a faint yelling of men in the distance of the cemetery. This alone was something to experience, giving a very eerie feeling.

In this photo you can make out some ecto mist that seems to be coiling around the top of the one headstone. Notice that there is no other mist within this shot.

In the next two pictures taken nothing showed up, but in the third, spirit forms started to show up in ecto plasm. Was this the spirits of those that died here from the war of 1812?

This last photo taken showed a very strong energy form in ecto plasm. Just what it was trying to show us is a mystery.

If I were asked "Is the Cemetery Haunted?" my reply would be no, but it does have signs of paranormal activity to the area. Most folks ask what is the difference between Haunted and Paranormal Activity......

Haunted is when a spirit makes its presence known by making physical contact or when things get whipped around.

Paranormal Activity is when you capture things on camera or you get the sense you are not alone or you may see ghostly images of a person, but in all cases there is no physical contact....

The Drummond Hill has activity to it without a doubt. The hill is well worth the visit and has many stories to tell if only one stops to listen. I find the hill a great spot to visit and when you enter you cannot get rid of the feeling of what happened here from a time long past. In some sense you can almost imagine what it must have been like back in the war of 1812. The trick is to go into the cemetery with an open mind and reflect on the tragic events that unfolded on July 25/1814.

You just never know what you may experience on this hill known as Drummond Hill, where many men had died in battle that has been noted as one of the bloodiest battles to take place in the war of 1812.

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