The Gage House Tour

On June 27th/2002 we took the tour of the old Gage house at Battlefield Park in Stoney Creek. I had wanted to take the tour and ask the tour guides if they ever encountered any paranormal activity. The tour guides had mentioned that they had occassionally seen things within the house. They could also hear low whispers from time to time. They also noted that many of the other staff members had seen Mrs. Gage walking around the house periodically.

The tour is well worth the cost of admission. The above photo is an antique clock believed to have dated back to the war of 1812. The clock had been fixed many times only to break down again.

This shot shows where the wife would spend most of the day preparing the meals by the hearth.

This portion of the house was for entertaining guests that would drop by. Children were not allowed in this area while guests visited.

Back in this time to show folks passing by they had money they would display the sugar in the window. The old saying one lump or two may have orginated from this practice.

The children's bedroom can be seen in this photo.

When the house work was done the wife or children would come to this room to weave the cloth for their clothing.

I could not resist this shot of an old fashion potty, unlike what we have today. We are lucky to have such modern conveniences as indoor plumbing and toilets now instead of this.

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