Gravel Pit Road

A brief history of the rail bridge located at Gravel Pit Road in Ancaster and the location.

Gravel Pit Road runs north/south between Mineral Springs Road and an abandoned gravel pit just west of the hamlet of Mineral Springs.

The pit was opened by John Reinhardt at the turn of the century. John Reinhardt used a horse and a scraper to carry the gravel to a steam-powered crusher. After the gravel was crushed it was then loaded on trucks that would carry the gravel to a hopper. Around 1945 the township took over the gravel pit and brought in newer equipment.

The township had a problem bringing in the new equipment because it would not fit under the TH&B railway bridge that went across Gravel Pit Road. So an alternate plan went into effect to lower the new equipment down a steep hill from Powerline Road.

The pit was in full operation until the late 1950's and was a source of gravel for Ancaster Township roads. However not all aspects of the little road's history were pleasant.

The road was also refered to as Skunks Misery, for there was a bad odor that was produced by skunk cabbages that were located in the vicinity of the road.

Two men were killed on the road when a TH&B train crashed through a burned-out bridge that ran over Gravel Pit Road. Today the bridge that crosses the road is part of the rail trail. This gave us cause to go and investigate the area for any paranormal activity.

Date:Jan 11th/2003
Conditions: Overcast
Total Pics Taken: 25
Best Pics used: 4
length of Investigation: 35 min.

A shot of the sign for Gravel Pit Road and Mineral Springs Road in Ancaster.

A shot of the bridge facing south as you approach the rail bridge.

A shot of the bridge facing north.

Another shot of the bridge up close facing south. The road here is very rough with a lot of potholes.

Date: Mar 22nd/2003
Conditions: Overcast
Total Pics Taken: 118
Best Pics used: 10
length of Investigation: 1 HR. 34Min

Upon first arriving at the rail bridge on Gravel Pit Road at night it gave a very creepy feeling to the area. You had a sense of something watching you from a distance. I climbed up the path that leads to the rail trail and took a picture over the bridge facing south and caught ecto mist just south of the bridge.

After taking many more pics on the rail trail I went down off the bridge and took another shot facing north and got this ecto mist forming in front of me.

After a few shots I went to walk just under the bridge and got a soaker by stepping in a puddle. At the same time I caught this orb near the top portion of the bridge.

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